Trades Ninja

Our Benefits …

Include the ability to provide you with an onsite quotation. We believe that you should be able to receive a written quotation during the time we assess your project scope of work or within a very reasonable time, like 24 hours, improving communication right from the start between trades and homeowners.

You Will See …

Peace of mind is achievable knowing that the work is being handled by professionals at a price that is fair and accurate, avoiding one of the headaches we have all seen on TV, where the contractor wants more money before they are finished.

Improving Transparency …

Gives everyone involved a brighter outlook on the project as a whole, right from the get-go!  When you receive accurate and prompt pricing, it allows YOU the customer to be in full control when it is time to make a decision!

Why You Should Hire Us!

Simple, Trades Ninja has over 20 years in construction specializing in the painting, roofing, and carpentry industries, and we assure you that you will have the highest quality, top skilled trades on your project! 

Trades Ninja is also highly proficient in flooring, tiling, electrical, plumbing, drywall, popcorn ceiling removal, power washing, window cleaning, and Christmas Lights!

ASK US! If we don’t specialize in it, we can help you find the right trade to complete your project! 

Trades Ninja? Are You Guys Turtles? 😆

Not quite, but we are a group of highly specialized tradesmen that have a passion for doing superior quality work, all while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction!

We stand behind the opinion that homeowners should be able to get a price for their requested scope of work on the spot because estimates are based on numbers, not guesses!

Most importantly, you as a homeowner are a happy customer! We know that we have accomplished our goals when you have trusted us with referrals from your family and friends! For this, we are forever grateful!